Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Heavy Rains Damage Building

All you need is a small opening, and water has a will find its way through that opening and make it worse, resulting in eventual major damage if not corrected. ... READ MORE

Heavy Spring Storms Cause Basement Flooding

The month of April in New Jersey saw a lot of sudden heavy rain storms, which caused a lot of excess ground water. In some instances, sump pumps either failed o... READ MORE

Excess Rain and Cold Causes Leak

The beginning of the New Year in New Jersey saw two major storms roll in from the west, leaving rain and frigid temperatures all over the East Coast. Winter Sto... READ MORE

Rainy Fall Affects Sewers and then Homes

The entire autumn season saw an above average amount of rain in most of New Jersey, especially in Bergen County which contains many rivers and the Meadowlands.... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Leaves a Wet Mess

The winter of 2018 was a harsh one, with long spells of extreme cold and lots of snow. The intense cold led to frozen pipes in homes all over Bergen County and ... READ MORE

Prepare Your Pipes for Cold Weather

The beginning of January 2018 saw some of the coldest temperatures on record, and there were several days in a row when the temperatures dipped to the single di... READ MORE